Terms and Conditions for Refunds on Overpayments and Unsuccessful Payments

1. Aims
1.1. These terms and conditions allow Foxpay Ltd (hereinafter – the Company) to properly perform its obligations and to take better and more organised care of its customers. All employees of the company and entities managed by the Company are subject to these terms and conditions.
1.2. This document sets out the terms and conditions for refunding Customer overpayments or unsuccessful payments made at the Foxbox self-service payment terminals operated by the Company.
2. Refund Methods for Overpayments and Unsuccessful Payments
2.1. The following are the cases in which the Company issues refunds to Payers who have made payments at Foxbox self-service payment terminals and received an overpayment receipt and/or whose payment has been unsuccessful:
2.1.1. The Payer fills in a request form on the Company’s website;
2.1.2. The Payer submits an email request to permokos@foxbox.lt attaching and indicating the following: a scanned copy or a photo of the receipt, their Full Name and their SEPA Banking System’s IBAN Account Number;
2.1.3. The Payer fills in a refund form at a Foxbox terminal;
2.1.4. The Payer submits a request on the Foxpay system managed by the Company.
2.2. The following are the cases in which the Company issues refunds to Payers whose money gets stuck in a Foxbox self-service payment terminal while depositing it:
2.2.1. The Payer calls the single telephone number +37052430053 or sends an email to info@foxbox.lt or foxpay@foxpay.lt. The company encashes the Foxbox terminal where the money got stuck and where a cash excess is found, the payer is refunded within 3 business days. The Payer must advise the Company with their Full Name and their SEPA System‘s IBAN Account Number.
2.2.2. Once the Payer submits the payment data, the Company makes the transaction, which the Payer wished to make when the money got stuck.
3. Refund Terms on Overpayments, Unsuccessful Payments, and Stuck Cash
3.1. Where the Payer has not recovered the overpayment or unsuccessful payment sum more than 24 (twenty-four) months after the issuance of the overpayment receipt or the date of the stuck cash at the Foxbox self-service terminal, the overpayment or unsuccessful payment shall be deemed to have been refunded to the Payer.
3.2. In cases for periods of more than 24 (twenty-four) months, the accounting of income from overpayments and unsuccessful payments at self-service payment terminals shall be done once in a financial year during the inventory. The transaction is documented with an accounting certificate. Accounting entry:
D 44861 Unsuccessful payment, overpayment for services
K 5097 Income from unsuccessful payments and overpayments at terminals
4. Liability and Data Protection
4.1. The Company processes the personal data submitted by the Payer.
4.2. The liability of implementing these terms and conditions rests with each employee of the company or their substitutes who implement or communicate on the issues provided for in these terms and conditions.
4.3. If the Payer contacts the Company with regards to data processing, submits an access to the processed data request, or enforces the Data Subject Access Rights, the liability to examine, investigate, and execute the Data Subject Access Requests in terms of refunds on overpayments and unsuccessful payments rests with the owner of the respective data category. Requests from data subjects shall be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions set out above.
4.4. These terms and conditions are published on the Company‘s website.
Final Provisions
These terms and conditions are valid from 1st December 2019.