Foxpay payment gateway for E-shops

Convenient Payment for E-store Customers

This is a convenient payment method for E-shops. Allow your customers to pay via referral through the bank of their choice with the most popular payment cards, e.g. VISA, MAESTRO, and MASTERCARD. You will not have to sign contracts with each bank separately because we will take care of that for you.

Start Now

The information about completed payments is available in real time, which allows you to ship products to your customers more expeditiously. There is no longer a need to check bank accounts and your income reaches the bank account of your choice. Our payment system sends ready income reports, making it much easier to take care of your business. To start using the service within a few hours, you simply need to fill out the form while we prepare the contract and the plugin.

QR Code Payments

Accept QR Code payments via your phone. It is a great alternative to a card reader that is not only convenient to use but can also save money. Our system allows the customer to enter the amount themselves or it can be done by you. It then redirects to the list of all banks. The system informs you about each payment with an email or a short text message. QR code payments can be integrated into invoices.

Favourable Rates

Our pricing is extremely simple, i.e. a fixed price per transaction. No administration or service activation fees! 


Number of transactionsPrice per transaction
110000.25 €
100135000.20 €
350150000.15 €
5001100000.12 €
10001300000.10 €
30001500000.09 €
500011000000.07 €
1000011000020.05 €
Administration taxesNone