Mobile Application


Mobile Wallet

Foxpay is a mini bank on your phone that features free transfers, quick and easy account top-up, and interfaces with the world’s most popular wallets. We are constantly adding to the list of advantages, improving payment methods, and all this is being developed in Lithuania.


Jūsų pinigų saugumas mums yra svarbiausia. Elektroninius pinigus mes saugome Lietuvos banke, tai reiškia, kad garantuojame 100% pinigų draudimą.

Convenient Account Top-up

Topping up your Foxpay account is a piece of cake. Click the Add button and select the amount and the bank. Foxpay banklink service ensures that the money reaches you instantly and completely free of charge.

Cash via Foxbox Terminals

If you wish to top up your Foxpay account with cash, you can do so using the Foxbox terminal network. There are more than 100 terminals throughout Lithuania. Selecting the Deposit Cash button in the app generates a one-time code which you can enter in the terminal to deposit money into your account. The money transfer to the account is instant. It is safe, super simple and completely free.

QR Code Deposits

QR code deposits are a truly great invention! If you have a business and the card reader costs way too much, it may be the time for us to have a chat. The installation of QR code payment option is completely free of charge; and the customers will be able to pay via any bank or wallet that suits them. All payments are instantly visible on the Foxpay mobile app.