For Business​

Foxpay Account for Business

Opening a business account is extremely simple and convenient. You can manage your business account either on the mobile Foxpay app or on our website. The functionality of the website is fitted to the needs of the company managers and the employees who manage accounting. This provides you with favourable rates and opportunities to seamlessly integrate with existing services, such as the terminal network and the bank link service, as well as many other advantages that we can offer to your business.

QR Code Payment

This is a great alternative to a card reader or even a cash register. The payment system tailored for small and medium-sized businesses will allow you to make your payment collections smarter and more convenient. The customer scans their QR code, enters the required amount, and is then redirected to the list of all banks operating in Lithuania. The seller is immediately notified of the payment received and the payments appear on the mobile Foxpay app.

Foxbox Terminal Network

There are over 70 companies in the Foxbox terminal network that allow their employees to deposit cash or top-up their personal wallets. The terminals in the network are situated in strategically convenient locations, which makes them much easier to access than most bank branches. We provide timely reports, make transfers, and are constantly looking for new partners.

Self-service Terminals for Business

Many public and private sector companies already use self-service terminals. Our experience shows that a terminal can completely replace the cashier, save at least 40% on payroll costs, extend working hours, reduce errors, and help maintain a more transparent business. Learn more about the possibilities of a smart cashier here.