Cheap and instant transfers


Free Personal Account

Opening an account with Foxpay takes only a few minutes and costs nothing. You can enjoy the benefits of Foxpay right away. What’s more, you can manage your finances with great convenience by opening and naming multiple accounts.

Free Transfers

SEPA transfers are completely free for individuals. Transferring and receiving money can be not only faster but also cheaper. Why choose complicated payment plans if you can just use free transfers?

Business Advantages

We believe we can benefit your business. Find out more about favourable rates for legal entities here. However, there are many more possibilities. Perhaps you would like to add your services to the app, maybe learn about the robot cashier or the Foxpay banklink e-store rates, and accept QR code payments? Let’s arrange a chat.

Child Account

Open an account for your child and encourage their financial literacy. Depositing money to your child’s account and setting spending limits are so easy to do. Your child will be able to pay for virtual services, top up online accounts such as their Labas, Pildyk, or Ežys mobile credit as well as Steam or PayPal wallets; they can also pay for their school lunch and make any other payments

Fast Money Deposit

Make and receive instant payments in the Foxpay environment. Transfers between Foxpay and other banks are visible within 30 min.